Our missions

Reference organization

The French In Vitro Diagnostic Industry Association, SIDIV, is the professional organization that federates and represents companies of the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry in France. Created in 1977, SIDIV brings together some 100 companies that generate around 90% of total sales in this sector in France. Because SIDIV represents such a large proportion of IVD actors, it is the reference organization for the public authorities and supervisory health institutions.



In vitro diagnostic industry actors are committed to promoting the strategic role of clinical diagnostics in healthcare decisions (involved in > 70% of decisions).


The ambition of in vitro diagnostic industry actors is to anticipate, accompany and drive the transformation of the health ecosystem in collaboration with all its stakeholders, to improve the quality of patient care.


Carry out the necessary actions so that the importance of IVD and the innovation it drives will be understood, recognized and valued

  • by health authorities and healthcare professionals
  • within the scope of ongoing government reforms in the healthcare field
  • for the benefit of patients and our healthcare system


Every day, SIDIV is committed to promoting the essential role of IVD to optimize patient management, the resilience of the healthcare system and public health.

Beyond, SIDIV is mobilized to ensure that the medical, economic, and sanitary value of in vitro diagnostics occupies its rightful place in the healthcare system. and becomes one of the major tools for the transformation of the health ecosystem, which today is vital to ensure the sustainability of the healthcare system and to improve the quality and relevance of patient care.


Our missions

Our industry association fulfills several missions:

  • To defend and protect the regulatory, economic, moral and ethical interests of the IVD industry, and
  • To represent its members with public authorities, supervisory authorities, and national as well as international public and private organizations.

On a daily basis, it works to serve our industry by:

  • Supporting members by providing information and collective advisory,
  • Communicating about in vitro diagnostics and its strategic importance,
  • Acting as the reference organization for public authorities.


In addition, it sits on a number of representative agencies and bodies, participates in their work, and is involved on a regular basis with

  • Supervisory authorities, including:
    • The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM)
    • The French Directorate General for Health (DGS)
    • The General Directorate of Healthcare (DGOS)
    • The Economic Board for Health Products (CEPS)
    • The French National Health Authority (HAS)
    • The General Directorate for Enterprises (DGE)
    • The National Health Social Security (CNAM)
  • Other organizations in the health field, including:
    • The National In Vitro Diagnostics Sector Network
    • The Health Industries Strategic Committee (CSIS)
    • The Strategic Committee of Health Industries and Technologies (CSF ITS)
    • The French Society for Clinical Biology (SFBC)
    • The French Accreditation Body (COFRAC)
    • G-MED, the French notified body
    • The Federation of Health Industries (FEFIS). Thanks to our involvement, we are represented within the MEDEF, The French Business Confederation,
  • “UNION,” the national collective agreement for the manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and veterinary products,
  • At the European level, MedTech Europe, which represents the European in vitro diagnostics and medical device industries.


On top of that, SIDIV frequently interacts with:

  • Professional oassociations in the health industry
  • Professional associations in the biology sector